Вытяжка GWH-Т4560Х

Model: T-shaped
Size: 60 см
Price: 1 490 000 UZS Price: 1 609 000 UZS
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Hood GoodWell GWH-T4560X

Hood GoodWell GWH-T4560X has high performance, thanks to a specially designed design. One of the main advantages of this model is the presence of a special anti-return valve, which prevents the entry of unpleasant odors into the room through the ventilation system. It should also be noted that deflectors with a high degree of fat removal. Another nice addition is the control panel with LED backlight. The device is equipped with three degrees of speed. The maximum power of its motor is 105 watts. Its body is made of stainless steel.

Dimensions (Width)
600 mm
stainless steel
Maximum productivity
500 m3 / h
Number of speeds
LED 1 x 2.5 W
Partition Filters

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